Stuart of Solihull

الخيارات الثنائية الروبوت التداول Stuart first sought help from Lucent Financial Planning in 2010, when through use of Lifestyle Planning it was agreed that retirement could be taken in 2013 but that it would be best to defer taking the Final Salary pension he was a member of as long as possible and use other investments instead. However, following a proposed change in the pension scheme’s ‘Early Retirement Reduction Factors’ being increased, Stuart was able to contact us urgently for a re-assessment. This showed that it would be better to take the pension before the increase were to take place. Since then, Stuart and his spouse have enjoyed their retirement and are still on track to meet all of their retirement goals and lifelong income requirements.

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I would be glad to provide a testimony on the service that you have provided to us. Steve I would like to thank you for your support, understanding and advice. You have provided us with clear and concise details enabling us to make informed decisions.   You have been very accommodating and flexible with meeting times, you have provided a professional service and was able to resolve a long running issue with an insurance company, the outcome being financially favourable to me. Again, thankyou for your support.

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