Employee Benefits


Employee Benefits

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اسعار الذهب في There are numerous employee benefits that can be offered to your staff that will help not only attract the best talent, but also to retain it when other employers come head hunting. Such benefits often come with tax incentives, e.g. pensions, or can be provided as a ‘group’ by an employer and therefore benefit from lower costs than an individual could obtain. This means they offer better ‘value’ than an increase in salary. Such benefits may include:

  • Pension – soon to be compulsory for employer to offer – see ‘Auto Enrolment’
  • Death in Service Benefits – Life Assurance for employees
  • Income Protection – an ongoing income in event of sickness or disability preventing ability to work.
  • Critical Illness – payment of a lump sum if suffer from a specified condition

Create a plan for your firm

تقرير كامل واجهة الفوركس With our help, you can create a benefits package for your staff and most importantly, inform your employees of the value of these benefits

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