Simplify your financial life

Lucent’s advanced proposition is designed to simplify your financial life, bringing everything together in order to maximise efficiency and results. We want you to live the life you want.

Who is eligible?

Although the plan is all inclusive, the availability is exclusive. By invitation only, this offering is only for wealthy individuals that want to delegate to a friendly and proactive adviser to manage as many of their affairs as possible. With complex, widespread or simply large financial affairs you will want assistance in management of all of your finances to help you save time, reduce stress in decision making and benefit from an easier life.

Your finances may look something like this:

  • Total Assets of £5 million plus
  • Investable assets of £3-5 million plus
  • Complex / difficult to manage assets
  • Buy to let properties
  • Overseas investments
  • Large number of investments / deposits trusts
  • Large inheritance tax bills and large families (or small ones) you want to look after
  • Ideas about Philanthropic giving

Benefits of the Lucent All Inclusive Service

Save you lots of time! You will no longer need to be involved in everything as other advisers will come to us first and we will be able to provide them with details they need and only need to come to you to make important decisions. You will not have to meet several people telling the same information over and over again. We do that for you!

Make it happen! It will ensure you actually implement strategies. Too many times we get caught up in things and don’t get it done. Decisions are hard, putting in practice is a pain! The Lucent All Inclusive service helps with both. We will do as much as possible. Your advisers are all working to meet your needs in a coherent manner

How we help

We help manage your entire financial affairs, not just your investments and pension like a traditional financial adviser.

We will Manage all relationships you have with other advisers and third parties to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction – to ultimately get what you want!

Having had a highly detailed discussion with you to find out what you want, we will brief existing advice relationships or recommend new ones for you, in all of the situations over the page, we will attend meetings with you and debrief the other advisers so that you are able to relax knowing everything is taken care of.

Get in contact today and let’s talk about how life planning can make a difference to your future