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Your Goals, our solutions, your choice!

Financial advice is life planning. Everything starts with a plan. Whilst our Financial advice model provides you with everything you need….not everyone wants to spend the time to do this and some may prefer a more digital or DIY solution.

    Why build a plan?

    • Define your Goals: Having a plan is the 1st step toward defining your goals- realise them, make them happen!
    • Gain Clarity: You gain clarity on where you stand now
    • Direction: Help you see whether your goals are achievable and adjust them
    • Make it happen: Helps you to make financial adjustments to be on track
    • Creates Wealth: Helps you to find new opportunities towards wealth creation
    • Build Wealth: Helps to build your existing wealth
    • Risks: Identify the risks and challenges and spot any financial pitfalls and correct them
    • End goal realty: Be more willing to save by having the end goal in mind
    • Peace of mind: Have peace of mind that you have enough
    • The Plan: A tangible plan of your life, brought to life by a Lucent Plan Expert and advanced software. You can print your plan and retain this for life along with a guidance report.
    Penny is thinking about her options

    Ultimately enabling you to live the life you want!


    • Do you want Simple guidance? – A rough idea of what’s what?
    • Do you want Comprehensive guidance? – Take more time and thoroughly provide details to ensure an accurate plan
    • Do you want Full, holistic, independent Advice with specific and accurate recommendations?

    Choose your plan below

    Full Financial Advice

    You can upgrade your plan at any time to FULL ADVICE!

     At any point in the process you can receive full advice by switching to our full advice offering.

    We will do all the work for you and provide you with:

    • Comprehensive, independent advice from a Chartered firm you can trust
    • A full, detailed plan with an abundance of scenarios to support your goals
    • Details of which pension, investment or insurance you should do with which provider and what it should be invested in
    • A recommendation of products and why
    • Comprehensive detailed Suitability Report
    • Where relevant, access to our ongoing review service to keep your plan on track
    • Your own Personal Finance Portal
    • The Financial Hub