Comprehensive Remote Guidance Plan

This is our Comprehensive plan option. We recommend you have your financial information to hand to complete this plan in order for it to be accurate.

Is it for me?

This plan is suitable for someone wanting a more accurate and comprehensive plan. The plan does not constitute Financial Advice as it forms part of the initial stage of Financial Planning.

What do I get?

  • You will receive access to your very own personalised built plan of your whole life, built by our experienced plan experts. This will give you confidence if what you are doing is roughly correct or point out serious shortfalls in your finances.
  • 30 days access to software to adapt your plan on our plan system
  • Personalised one page report written by our Plan experts to support your plan findings and identify areas to address eg. Get life assurance approximately £XXXX, increase your Pension payments to £XXXX per month. This will be sent to your email address that you have provided us with.
  • The plan will be based upon your answers to a comprehensive Factfind.
  • You will be able to download and print your plan off should you choose.

What do I not get?

  • Details of which pension or investment or insurance you should do with which provider and what it should be invested in
  • A recommendation of products

If you want us to do a full financial advice plan then we would be more than happy to, please click on the Contact to get in touch.


The plan’s accuracy depends upon you providing the correct information to the questions asked. Please note that if you have not disclosed some information relating to your personal circumstances the plan could be inaccurate. Assumptions may need to be made in order for us to create your plan. The plan will be based upon the answers you provide us with.

We will assume:

  • You are UK Resident and Domicile
  • You will be entitled to the full State Pension
  • Unless you specify, that charges on all Investment and pension products are 1% a year
  • Unless you specify, that you will earn 4% gross growth on Pensions and Investments, 1.50% interest on savings and any mortgage will be on 4% standard variable rate
  • Inflation will be 2.50%

What do I do with my Plan?

Once built, you will have your plan for life! You can:

  • Implement your plan yourself, OR
  • Take your plan elsewhere for someone to implement this for you, OR
  • Ask Lucent to implement the plan for you – subject to an implementation fee to be confirmed with you prior to proceeding, OR
  • Do nothing! It’s your choice! You have the information and guidance to use as you see fit.

What is the cost of the Comprehensive Remote Guidance Plan?

The full cost of this plan is a one off payment of £499 including VAT. We will collect this payment via a direct debit one off payment. We will send you access to our software to the email address you have provided us with. You will have 14 days to complete your Factfind on the system once access has been granted to you. We will then review the information you have provided us with and build your bespoke plan along with your personalised report.

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