Money is a token you swap for your next adventure

You can’t predict the future, but you are free to create your own.

Finance isn’t exciting, but designing your life is. We believe life is a journey and money is a token you swap for your next adventure. Here’s how we work with you to make your dreams happen.

Here’s what to expect when you work with us

Our Pricing

We believe in straightforward pricing, with no nasty surprises. That’s why we tell you our pricing upfront.

Our initial fee comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you can honestly say that you have not drawn any benefit from the planning and that it was not useful then we will waive the fee.

Top Reasons our clients continue to be a client of Lucent

Authentic and Honest 100%
Knowledge and Credibility 96%
Personable and friendly 96%
SOURCE: Lucent existing client survey, April 2019.
£1500 per annum
0.75% per annum*

*Based upon the prevailing value of your portfolio and subject to a minimum charges as detailed above


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