Money is a token you swap for your next adventure

You can’t predict the future, but you are free to create your own.

Finance isn’t exciting, but designing your life is. We believe life is a journey and money is a token you swap for your next adventure. Here’s how we work with you to make your dreams happen.

Here’s what to expect when you work with us

Our Pricing

We believe in straightforward pricing, with no nasty surprises. That’s why we tell you our pricing upfront.

  •  First meeting there is no cost to you.
  • The second meeting is chargeable, see “financial planning fee”, but if after the meeting you can honestly say it’s been of no use to you and you do not like how we present financial planning to you, then you would not want to work with us going forward so we will waive this fee. That’s our satisfaction guarantee. At the second meeting you will be presented with a full Fee and Service Agreement so you know exactly what you will pay if you instruct us.
  • Thirdly, once a plan is agreed, we will go about implementing the financial plan for you and there are additional charges for this, as detailed under “implementation fees” here.

Top Reasons our clients continue to be a client of Lucent

Authentic and Honest 100%
Knowledge and Credibility 96%
Personable and friendly 96%
SOURCE: Lucent existing client survey, April 2019.


*chargeable at the second meeting, subject to our satisfaction guarantee.

Pensions & investments
Analysis and Recommendation fee of £750 (if more than 2 pensions for transfer are reviewed there may be additional charges), plus 1.50% of the amount invested.
Protection Products
We can be paid by commission or a fee of £500 + 50% of 1st year’s premiums.

0.75% of the amount invested with a minimum annual fee of £1,500.

Adding Value to your Investments

Why pay for financial advice? The documents below demonstrate the value that the right financial advice can add to your investments.

What it's worth. Revisiting the value of financial advice

International Longevity Centre / Royal London (Nov 2019)

The ILC found that receiving financial advice resulted in a total boost in wealth of £47,706, and fostering an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser leads to better financial outcomes.

Read the full report here>

Putting a value on your value.

Vanguard Adviser Alpha (Nov 2019)

Research by Vanguard suggests that an adviser adds an additional 3% a year in net returns, but this is not received smoothly, it is lumpy!

Read the full report here>

FCA survey of firms providing financial advice

FCA Financial Advice Firms Survey (Apr 2016)

This report reviews, among other things, the cost of financial advice, so you can compare our charges to others.

Read the full report here>

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