Financial planning IS life planning

Are you an ambitious business leader?
Do you have significant assets to invest or review?

We’re here to help you realise the life you want. Whether planning your life goals or making the most of your retirement, we can help you turn assets into lifelong dreams.  Through our Life Planning service we help you define your personal and financial goals, and show you how to reach them.

“I have confidence that Lucent has researched and understood the market; and that, when I see them, they will give me advice about where to move if necessary. They’re not just selling a product.”

Andrew Condlyffe.

Life Planning is about understanding the complexities of your pension, maximising returns on investments and minimising tax liabilities.At the same time we bring your finances to life by linking this to a personalised tailored life plan bespoke to your individual situation. We take into account all of your life events both in the present and anticipated or on your wishlist and work with you and your assets to achieve your goals.

Financial planning is a dour and complex world, so we keep things light-hearted, simple and straightforward. We also make it personal, because no-one has a life (or dreams) like yours.

Using an interactive cashflow plan based on your life, you’ll discover when you can safely retire (and not run out of money) and how much you need to save for your family milestones, like putting the children through university. You’ll learn how adjusting the way you spend and save can help you reach your goals earlier.


#Satisfaction guarantee

We even have our satisfaction guarantee for your life plan. If you can honestly say that you have not drawn any benefit from the planning and that it was not useful then we will waive the fee.


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