Focus on dreams, not numbers

We’re here to help you live the life you want.

We focus on your dreams, not numbers and help ambitious business leaders and their families make better financial decisions about the future. We remove worry, minimise risk and maximise return through our holistic Life Planning service.

Our founding adviser, Steve Rowe, is a chartered financial planner specialising in pension planning. Being ‘chartered’ is widely accepted as the gold standard in the UK, and this means we’re amongst the most experienced advisers with the highest qualifications obtainable.


We focus on your dreams, not percentages and numbers—and we want to hear your future vision.


We give you guidance to help you make your own decisions by understanding your fears and ambitions.


We back up our advice with reasoning, we’re not attached to any organisations, and have no vested interest in any products.

“They are genuine, straight-talking and succinct — you have a
conversation and you have a clear answer.”

Stuart Smith.

Meet the team

Steve Rowe

Director & Independent Financial Adviser

Steve is a chartered financial planner and fellow of the Personal Finance Society. He holds the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and certificates in Equity Release, Life & Pensions and Trusts & Estates Planning. He set up Lucent in 2009 after a six-year career at a large financial services company as an adviser. He says: “I didn’t like the way large corporations did things and I knew I could do better for the people I was advising. I realised then I wanted to be independent, to work for the individual, not the corporation. I set up Lucent to help people truly understand their wealth and use it to maximise their enjoyment and lifestyle. Although the technical aspects can be less-than-riveting, good financial planning is at the forefront of living a less stressful and ultimately more fulfilling life. I believe life is for living and money is for spending, not for accumulating. You have to live life now because you never know what’s around the corner. But you also have to be sure that you’ve got enough for tomorrow. You only know that if you plan.”

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Hannah Knight

Chief Operating Officer

Hannah has been working in the financial services industry since 2001. Hannah holds a Diploma in Financial Planning, plus certificates in Auto Enrolment, Equity Release, Life & Pensions and Trusts & Estates Planning. She is also a qualified project manager (PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner qualified). She joined Lucent in December 2017, where she’s responsible for HR, project management, strategy, compliance and risk management. Hannah works mostly behind the scenes, developing relationships with complimentary financial services companies and driving improvements which make everything easier for our clients. “This includes making sure we have the right technology, people and products, and the best relationships with third party businesses so our clients get the best service possible,” says Hannah. “Lucent has a 100% family ethos with a heart. It’s a strong, dynamic company with loyal customers, and Steve is a truly unique, genuine person.”

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Kelly Xue


Kelly has been working in financial services since 2016. Kelly chose to be a part of the Lucent team because there is a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Kelly has oriental origins, is fluent in many languages and was raised in a small town in Italy moving to the UK in 2014. Whilst working full time in Wealth management, Kelly successfully completed the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning along with the Award in Long Term Care Insurance with the Chartered Insurance Institute. Moreover, she is further enhancing her technical and market knowledge through wider reading as well as self-study towards the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. Her aspiration is to eventually become a distinctive Chartered Financial Planner. At Lucent Financial Planning, Kelly is responsible for the analytical research to identify the most suitable solutions for our clients and creation of reports for a clear representation.

Luke James

Senior Analyst and Paraplanner

Luke has been in the financial services industry since 2011 with a high level of experience in Independent Financial Advice firms. Luke holds the IFS Financial advice Diploma demonstrating a great understanding and knowledge. Luke joined Lucent in 2018 and says “I chose to continue my career at Lucent as I really enjoy the family feel to Lucent and how close everyone is, genuinely caring about the end client whilst also providing exceptional advice”. Luke provides detailed analytical research to our clients providing illustrations and reports tailored to each customer ensuring their requirements are dealt with efficiently and accurately every time.

Karen McKim

Client Liaison

Karen comes from a background in communications and marketing. Karen has a real passion for people and a keen eye for detail, both key to her role as client liaison and working in support of the rest of the team. “The best thing about Lucent is the care and attention given to each individual client – we work with people, not numbers, and that’s something you can really feel across the team”.

Ellie Turner

Client Liaison

Ellie has been working in financial services since 2017. Ellies loves engaging with people, variety and problem solving.  At Lucent Financial Planning Ellie is primarily responsible for supporting client calls, queries and managing provider information requests.  Ellie chose a career at Lucent as she believes ‘Lucent do the right thing by their customers,’ ‘genuinely care’ and ‘are real experts in their field’.

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