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We specialise in pensions but we’re also experts at helping you plan every stage of your financial future, from investments and savings to life insurance and retirement.


Everyone needs an income when they stop working, and a pension is one of the best ways to build up a sum of money for use in retirement. But pensions are misunderstood. They can be complicated and often receive poor press for poor returns.

A pension is basically a way to protect an investment from tax. So, the key to getting good returns in later life is all about making the best investments within your pension. And that’s where we come in.

How we help
We are experts at helping you benefit from the tax relief which a pension offers, and making the most of your investments within it. This is really important if you’re a higher rate tax payer as you’ll get more back. On the income tax basic rate of 20%, every £80 you pay in would be topped up to £100. This not only increases your savings but also earns an investment return. It’s a win-win. (NB if you’re a higher rate tax payer, you’ll need to claim the rebate through your tax return)

Did you know?
Although there are some restrictions, some of the assets you could invest in through your pension include commercial property, direct holdings of shares and agricultural property — so you could even own a forest within your pension.

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The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and past performance is not a guide to future performance.


If you’ve got one eye on retirement, your first thought will be ‘how and when can I draw on my pension?’ Before making any decisions on this you’ll need to map out your retirement needs and balance them with the assets you’ve built up.

The pension options you have on retirement include pension drawdown, phased drawdown, lifetime annuities, fixed-term annuities and investment-linked annuities. As well as private and state pensions, other assets, like investments, properties and savings, can be used to provide for your retirement.

How we help
The timings of when you draw from each is crucial here though, as using one before another may be beneficial or detrimental, depending on your personal circumstances. This is where Lucent comes in. We keep track of everything and make sure you draw from the right investment at the right time to maximise your investments.

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Life assurance & health insurance

If you are the main bread winner in your household, you’ll want to make sure your family can live comfortably in the event of your death or long-term illness. This doesn’t just mean paying the mortgage, but utility bills, university fees and every cost you can think of for your spouse and children throughout their lives.

What’s important here is that you don’t just think about life assurance (protection in the event of your death) but that you think about health insurance (to cover you and your family if you suffer from an incapacitating illness).

How we help
If you are unable to work due to illness or disability, especially for an extended term, your family would be in the same situation as if you passed away; with the added cost that they would still have to feed and look after you. Neither scenario is particularly nice to think about, but they both need consideration. We believe life insurance is as important as life assurance. They are both important. You are important.

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Savings & investments

If you have some spare income or a lump sum, you might be looking at investing it. But not every type of investment will suit your needs.

To make sure you get the best return, you’ll need to know the amount of risk you’re prepared to take, how long you’d like to save for, and how quickly you’ll want access to your money.

How we help
We’ll help you build an investment portfolio using assets like equities (shares), fixed interest securities, property and, sometimes, alternative assets. The next step is to protect your investment returns from tax using a ‘tax wrapper’ like an ISA, pension, offshore/onshore bonds, venture capital trust or enterprise investment scheme.
Did you know?

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