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If you are a director of your own company, there are lots of tax-efficient ways to take benefits, such as a director’s pension. You also need to safeguard the future of your business, which means protecting your ‘key persons’ and knowing what happens if a shareholder dies.

Key persons

If one person produces the majority of your business (whether they’re a technical, creative or sales person) do you know what happens if they die or suffer a long-term illness? If key people are no longer able to work, your business could lose profits, contacts and reputation, not to mention the cost of finding and training a replacement. You can protect against this with:
  1. life assurance (to cover all the above costs if the key person dies)
  2. critical illness cover (to provide a lump sum if they suffer from a specified illness)
  3. income protection (to pay for a replacement if sickness or disability prevents them from working)
Read more about employee benefits or get in touch to see how we can help you protect your key persons.

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The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Employee benefits

There are quite a few employee benefits on offer to help you keep and reward great staff; many often come with tax incentives. You can offer life assurance (known as ‘death in service’ benefits), ongoing income protection (if sickness or disability prevents you from working), and critical illness cover (the payment of a lump sum if you suffer from a specified condition).
How we help We not only help you create a benefits package for your staff but help you illustrate their value, to help you with staff recruitment and retention.

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Director’s pension

A director’s pension is a three-way win: you can extract money from your business while limiting tax liabilities and helping to save for your retirement. By taking money out of the business and paying directly into an director’s pension, you could also save on corporation tax. There are limits on pension contributions, so you’ll need help deciding on the amount and timings of each payment.
Did you know? You can own your business premises as an investment through your director’s pension. Your business would need to pay a rent for this, but rent is a tax deductable expense. Plus, the income is going back into your pension fund – you are using a business expense to pay for your retirement. And it gets better. Your business may also be able to borrow money from your pension to raise capital, just as long as there is an appropriate asset to secure the loan against. Schedule a meeting to see how you can make the most of a director’s pension.
How we help As a business owner, we help you safeguard the future of your company by protecting your key persons and shareholders in the event of unfortunate circumstances. And we help you make the most of the multiple benefits offered by a director’s pension to secure your future and that of your business.

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Shareholder protection

If you are in business with another shareholder who dies, their shares pass directly to their estate. This means their spouse could become a board member, and your business would be obliged to continue paying them a dividend. A shareholder protection policy would allow you to buy the shares from the estate and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Contact us to discuss a shareholder protection policy.

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