Lucent Financial Planning Testimonials

“We officially became millionaires earlier than expected thanks to a pension, tax savings and high-performing investments over six years — that’s not even including our home.”  Sandra and Craig, Birmingham

“Kelly has been extremely professional throughout the whole process of my future financial planning, explaining complex financial matters in a way I have fully understood. Kelly is a cheerful person, who is extremely approachable but also very knowledgeable. I trust Kelly’s advice”
Charlotte, Solihull

“Steve saved me annual income tax bills in excess of £60,000 after I’d bought an investment abroad. If it were a number of years before I noticed, the tax penalties would have been huge.” Chris, Solihull

“The performance of the financial direction work well and he’s helping us look at projections for the future and manage our money to get the best out of it"

“All my complex demands are always considered, followed by excellent advice. Steve has been outstanding the last 7 years , so I’m looking forward to an exciting retirement” Steve B, Solihull

“I would highly recommend the services. Advice has been given in a very clear and professional manner without any pressure to make investment decisions that I am not fully sure of” Anon, Birmingham

“I find Lucent to be a very friendly and sociable, very professional and trustworthy. I am confident to have Steve Rowe and his staff as my financial advisers and so far have successfully accumulated my retirement funds” Colin, Birmingham

"Thank you soooo much for your valued advice - this has enabled us to achieve our dream of early retirement and a 'most wished for' move to Cornwall"
Rob & Julie

"Steve is brilliant! He is thought provoking and has really made us think about our long term future and plans! We completely trust him to help us achieve our financial goals"  Rachel, Birmingham

“Steve advised me to retire three years early (after changes meant early retirement would reduce defined benefit pensions). Three years later, I am still as wealthy as I would have been had I went into the office. Thanks for the three years’ holiday, Steve.”  Stuart, Solihull

We both understood the importance of financially planning for our future before we retired. But when a parent dies and you find yourself at your most vulnerable I was able to make a quick decision to retire early confident that we had enough funds to do so, and enabling me the time to sort out the estate without worrying about work."  Julie Bedford, Birmingham