(Network Direct Ltd, A Network authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority)

We get top marks from the auditor, and our clients are living the lives they want.

We saved one family hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax penalties, we allowed another client to retire three years early (without losing any income), and proudly declared one couple were millionaires (earlier than expected).

To make sure that we adhere to the highest standards, we work with Network Direct Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In June 2017 as part of our yearly review, Network Direct said:

“Your business quality remains at an excellent standard and your enhanced qualifications have continued to deliver your further expansion in the market place. Your company has been recognised for its new business and client service excellence.

“Your client files are often referred to as ‘perfect examples’ of how client files should be should be (your files inspected by business quality were all to a very high standard). Your twelve month persistency levels [once a client has joined us they have stayed with us] stand at an excellent 100%. This is outstanding, especially when considering the types and levels of business you are completing.”

Compliance Supervisor at Network Direct.
Network Direct are the regulated entity. Lucent Financial Planning are an appointed representative of Network Direct Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Living the lives they want

“The performance of the financial direction work well and he’s helping us look at projections for the future and manage our money to get the best out of it”


“We officially became millionaires earlier than expected thanks to a pension, tax savings and high-performing investments over six years — that’s not even including our home.”


“Steve saved me annual income tax bills in excess of £60,000 after I’d bought an investment abroad. If it were a number of years before I noticed, the tax penalties would have been huge.”


“Steve advised me to retire three years early (after changes meant early retirement would reduce defined benefit pensions). Three years later, I am still as wealthy as I would have been had I went into the office. Thanks for the three years’ holiday, Steve.”


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