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What is Financial Planning?

Watch our short video, for an insight into the role of a Financial Planner – how we wear many hats from Adviser to Planner and more – and how we help our clients achieve the future they really want.


Finance isn’t exciting, but designing your life is.

We believe life is a journey and money is a token you swap for your next adventure, and aim to help individuals and ambitious business leaders make the most of their money, from savings and investments to retirement planning, inheritance tax planning and insurance/protection.

Here’s how we work with you to make your dreams happen.

Read on, or download our Client Information and/or Investment Strategy Document for more detailed information.

Our Approach to Advice

We take the admin and stress out of managing your money. We do this by analysing what you have, and how you want to use it, then working with you to build a bespoke, tailored plan you can follow to help you live the life you want. We know financial matters can be confusing and complex, so we strive to keep things light-hearted, simple and straightforward. We also make it personal, because no-one has a life (or dreams) like yours.

Our investment strategy follows in-depth and continuing scientific research and evidence, spreading your investments to bring you optimum returns in line with your goals and your preferred level of risk.

We genuinely care about our clients, and will always be down-to-earth and transparent in all that we do, so you are clear how your plan is working with you towards achieving your dreams, now and long into the future.

The Client Journey

1. Getting to know you (1st meeting)

We’ll explain how we work and learn about your life goals, available capital and attitude to risk. We’ll provide our terms of engagement so you have a clear understanding of how things work. Then we can both decide if we can offer value to your life. 

2. Building the plan

We’ll design and create a meticulous Life Plan unique to you, your goals and your profile, including extensive financial forecasting and recommendations based on our first meeting. You won’t pay anything for the plan at this stage.

3. Presenting the plan (2nd meeting)

We explain your personalised Financial Plan and back up our recommendations; the strategies, tactics and costs. We can explore other scenarios and edit the plan, where necessary. Your Financial Plan will cost £2,496, but if you can truly say it was not useful then we will waive this fee.

4. Doing the research

This stage helps us create a meticulous investment portfolio specific to you. We do our homework to see who’s best to invest with and which products will deliver the results to help you achieve your goals. (We also decipher the small print so there are no nasty surprises.)

5. Ongoing support and review

Our ongoing service is offered where we believe this is of benefit to you. We monitor the products and make incremental changes where necessary, update you on the fund performance and legislation, and keep you focused during volatile markets. You also get 24/7 online view of investments progress through our client login.

Transparent costs

We believe in straightforward pricing, with no nasty surprises. That’s why we tell you our pricing up front.

  • You won’t pay anything for your first meeting
  • The financial planning fee of £2,496 is payable after your plan has been presented at the second meeting. But if after the meeting you can honestly say it’s been of no use to you and you do not like how we present financial planning to you, then you would not want to work with us going forward so we will waive this fee.
  • At the second meeting you will be presented with a full, personalised Client Agreement containing details of proposed fees, so you know exactly what you will pay if you instruct us, but as a guide, our implementation fees comprise:
    • For pensions and investments, £1,000 for analysis and recommendation (if more than 2 pensions for transfer are reviewed there may be additional charges), plus 1.50% of the amount invested.
    • For protection products, we can be paid by commission or a fee of £500 plus 50% of the first year’s premiums.
  • Our ongoing fees for continued management of your portfolio are 0.85%, with a minimum annual adviser fee of £2,496.
    The investment provider/platform will also charge an ongoing fee which should be taken into account.
    For example, a portfolio of £750,000 would cost 0.85% adviser fee, which added to any platform/provider fees gives a total cost of around 1.2-1.3%. It is this total cost that is the most important when making your comparisons between solutions.

Adding Value to your Investments

Why pay for financial advice? The documents below demonstrate the value that the right financial advice can add to your investments.

What it's worth. Revisiting the value of financial advice

International Longevity Centre / Royal London (Nov 2019)

The ILC found that receiving financial advice resulted in a total boost in wealth of £47,706, and fostering an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser leads to better financial outcomes.

Read the full report here>

Putting a value on your value.

Vanguard Adviser Alpha (Nov 2019)

Research by Vanguard suggests that an adviser adds an additional 3% a year in net returns, but this is not received smoothly, it is lumpy!

Read the full report here>

FCA survey of firms providing financial advice

FCA Financial Advice Firms Survey (Apr 2016)

This report reviews, among other things, the cost of financial advice, so you can compare our charges to others.

Read the full report here>

Not ready to take full advice?

If you would rather start with a more general steer on your financial situation, why not take a look at the options for building a basic plan using our remote, online planning tool? Click here for more information.

Focus on dreams, not numbers